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A BRAND NEW updated RANGE for 2020
  (All designs & Finishes are now in stock)  ‚Äč

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Glass holders (60mm bowl size) - 3 to 6 glasses 

Glass holders (85mm bowl size) - 2 to 4 glasses 

Wine Bottle holders (up to 38mm Neck size) - 2 to 4 Bottles 

Wine Bottle holders (up to 75mm Body size) - 1 to 5 Bottles 
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All products available in:
Nickel plate (Chrome)
Black Nickel Plate
Brass Plate
Indivigally packed with our

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Listings are currently open with prices displayed, you can order at this time.
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Please note
Some of the items in the photographs may be the incorrect colour finish,
SO PLEASE READ THE TITLE & DESCRIPTIONS, which are Correct for that listing.
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Dealers & Manufacturers (Trade prices) you must contact us for this service prior to ordering

Forward information & ordering
Drop us an email and we can send you with our current PDF trade Brochure which includes pictures & trade Prices
(Please note: When emailing request, please send on Business headed email or Business contact info, without this, we cannot send you trade information)
Viva Caravan door retainer/catch, 1-100 pk[productsummary-BR][productsummary]

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