ABOUT US (T&C) is a British Company.

We are based in London, the South East of England.
We have been trading Online for Several years

This division specializes in Cable Desk Grommets and all other Furniture fittings for the Office, Home, Workshop, Caravans, Industrial & Private businesses.

When you entrust us with your Order we undertake to pack & dispatch your items in a professional & timely manner.

Most orders are dispatch in a 2-3 working day time scale.

We hold stock of ALL our items.
If you need Larger quantities, just email & ask!!.

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We will not store any personal/Credit Card information on any unsecured server.
Your payment information is not stored on our site, anywhere.

We do not & will not share/disclose your personal or credit card information to any other organization, company or other third party, unless we are required by law to disclose information (By law we mean, The Laws of the Land) for ie; Attempted Fraud or other legal request by a legal body authorized to request same.


In some categories the Prices shown include UK P&P
(but, excludes international shipping, please see listings for P&P [S&H] rates.

All other prices are charged P&P per item [Per item = pack quantity stated. as per item].
This allows buyers to order single or multiple items.

Most items are available in multiple pack sizes, hence allowing good savings on P&P (S&H).

We will offer you further combined P&P (S&H) rates if possible & on request by email if you require Larger multiple orders.
Please enquire by email.

We strive to use environmentally friendly packaging materials wherever possible.



Both the buyer and seller, may cancel an order within a 24 hour period after payment is made & confirmed. Due to Card processing company's revised rules, fees due to them to process the original transaction are not refundable and will be deducted from any refund.

Buyers may return item, at their cost if the item was supplied correctly.

Buyers MUST notify us within 2 DAYS (For faulty or wrong items received) & 14 days (Correctly supplied items) of receipt of items,
Transit of returned items are the responsibility of the buyer till returned item[s] is received by us [damage & receipt].
All item[s] returned for credit, must first have the transaction cancelled on the relevant selling platform & [cancel transaction] be agreed by the buyer.
The amount of the item cost only will be credited, as the P&P part of the transaction has already been fulfilled.
Update (03/2020) to Paypal’s policy of non-returnable fees & transaction fees will be deducted for each paypal transaction from each refund agreed.

Returned items must arrive with us in the as supplied condition, ie: New. If supplied in sealed pre-packaging, the packing MUST NOT be opened. For items supplied in open packets, items must be unused & complete as supplied. If items appear used apon inspection no refund will be given.
Part returns are not acceptable [ie; If you order, say 10 items, you cannot returned less than this quantity. You cannot keep 2 and return the rest]. NO credit will be given for such items.
We reserve the right to replace items.


In addition to our general T&C's applying, we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee on orders dispatched & charge any P&P cost
in accordance with our stated T&C's/contract.


Following the UK's departure from the EU/worldwide, certain charges may be levied by the EU customs on goods/services/packets, etc dispatched from the UK addresses in their member states.

As part of all order contracts with us, you agree to pay any charges levied on us or the order.

This also applies to all other international orders, where national customs are implementing charges, levies, VAT, etc, or any other charge for importation of goods that they/the courier recharges to us, will become payable by the order maker.

If charges are made and bills/invoices are presented to us by couriers/postal services, you will be billed the amount at cost.

This situation is out of our control.


Goods received faulty, damaged or are received not as advertised.
We reserve the right to replace such goods in these circumstances.
Any postal charges made will be refunded.
Only the actual return postal costs incurred by the buyer will be refundable.
All Returned items must arrive @ our address within 7 days of us emailing our agreement/Return code to the buyer, no exceptions.

Refunds may take up to 7 days to process following receipt & our inspection of item[s] @ our address.
Refunds only sent through the payment gateway used in the purchase.
Secure Repackaging & Transit [insurance] of all returning item[s] is the responsibility of the sender.
Original Packing note/Invoice must be returned with items.


NON RECEIPT must be notified to us in writing after the 7th day of our dispatch email [International transit can take 7-28 days], to our email address, ie:, stating your order number[s].

Delayed Items: Royal Mail/Courier T&C's delayed item policy applies.

We reserve the right to replace the item[s]. We also reserve the right to request the receiver [buyer] make a declaration to substantiate same.
We reserve the right to investigate any claim for Non receipt, at/with any location/persons deemed appropriate, prior to any refund.

We reserve the right to request sight of a clear Postal receipt/Insurance bought.
Original receipts may be asked for, & must be supplied if requested.

All of the above forms part of our conditions of sale & if you are not prepared to agree to any part therein, please do not continue.


Retention of title​

The sale of goods means that the seller retains legal ownership/title of the goods until payment of the purchase price* is paid/discharged in full.
(* includes any costs incurred by the seller/Sellers agents/legal representatives that may be incurred in collecting/seeking advice on debt recovery).

RIGHTS of Recovery

A right of the seller to enter the buyer's premises to repossess the goods is included & all cost incurred in such an act shall be payable by the buyer in full.
All monies clause:
We reserves title in all goods supplied to the buyer until the buyer has settled all outstanding invoices from the seller.


All Pictures & Text on this website are our copyright.
All contents should not be downloaded, copied, altered, or amended in any way.

Our products are our copyright, copying same, will result in claims against the perpetrators for damages.

We may under certain circumstances allow usage of our Pictures & text.
Any, and all permissions must be requested to us on a Headed letterhead for our considerations.

We will take action for loss & damage we deem
appropriate if you breach our copyrights
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If you buy from our site(s)/listings it will be deemed you have agreed to be supplied under the above & all our T&C's.
We reserve the right to update our Terms & Conditions periodically.



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